Digital Wellness

A face with sunshine illustrating digital wellness.
This assessment helps students take a close look at their relationship with technology.
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Teach Healthy Online Practices

Help students understand how a person's emotional, physical, intellectual, and mental well-being can be affected by their digital life.

Digital Wellness game interface with the results of a physical health assessment.

Physical Health

Students are presented with and asked to rate themselves on a variety of physical symptoms generally associated with spending too much time on a device.

Digital Wellness game interface showing the results of an intellectual health assessment.

Intellectual Health

Digital Wellness helps students assess their ability to focus on tasks outside of online activities as well as research information they see online to ensure they aren't falling prey to false information.

Digital Wellness game interface illustrating a healthy state of mental health.

Mental Health

Encourages a closer look at the way technology—particularly online interactions—positively or negatively affect a student's overall mental health.

Digital Wellness game interface showing two questions on a social health assessment.

Social Health

Helps students analyze their own online communication practices, asking if the student has a safe community of friends and whether or not the student feels they've ever participated in hurtful commentary.

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Hands-On Learning

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Progress Monitoring

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