Banzai Plus

Building a house out of financial themes (i.e., credit card, calculator, etc).
Demonstrate how to plan for the long-term with Banzai Plus, an interactive course that teaches advanced budgeting, borrowing, and more.
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Topics covered in Banzai Plus

Developing Wise Habits
Life Insurance
Identity Theft
Credit Scores
Renter’s Insurance
Tax Returns
Mortgages & Auto Loans

Banzai Plus Units

This course covers advanced financial topics for high-school-age students.
A teenager exploring a financial themed skate park.
Grades 10-12 | English & Spanish

Advanced Budgeting

Take budgeting a step further—show students how to save money, pay off debt, and more.
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Banzai Plus workbooks.

High School Personal Finance Workbook

Order free printed workbooks that complement Banzai Plus. This workbook includes activities such as How to Fill out a W-4, Understanding Credit Cards, and more.

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Advanced Bugeting game mockup.

Tracking Habits

Give your students the chance to see how quickly small transactions pile up over time with a variety of Plus activities.

Vocabulary Practice

Invite students to study flashcards containing important financial terms.

Columns with checkmarks.

Meets State Curriculum Standards

Banzai courses fulfill your state's standards of learning (SOL) by covering a wide range of essential topics.

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Simplified Grading

Courses are automatically graded so you can spend more time teaching!

Hands-On Learning

Help students grow individually with a virtual world of decision-making.

Progress Monitoring

Progress tracking and clear decision trees monitor your students’ growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get Plus?
    If you're already signed up to Banzai as a teacher, it's waiting in your account. Log In, select one of your classes, click "Settings," and add Plus. Or, you can create a new class with Plus already added.
    If you don't have a Banzai account, click here to sign up and use Plus (and Junior and Teen) for free.
  • Is Plus free?
    Yes! All of Banzai's courses are free for educators and students. Banzai is supported by banks and credit unions who sponsor experience-based, financial education in your community.
  • How long does Plus take to complete?
    Banzai Plus consists of several units, 1 workbook, and supplementary resources, all totaling 20+ hours of content. Not all the of the units included have to be completed all at once or at all. You are welcome to pick and choose the number of hours you want your classroom to put into it.
  • Do my students need to complete Teen before Plus?
    No, but we recommend it. Plus was designed to be played independently—and it's plenty easy to play—but, your students will learn more and be better prepared for Plus if they've completed Teen first.
  • Are all Banzai courses COPPA and FERPA compliant?
    Yes, Banzai complies fully with restrictions set by COPPA and FERPA—we don't store personal identification information such as a student's age, location, gender, or ethnicity. The limited data Banzai does collect is only used to deliver services and products or improve user experience and is never shared or distributed. Learn more by reading Banzai's Privacy Policy.

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