Banzai Teen

Teenage sitting on top of a car that needs some fixing.
Help students learn the importance of savings as they tackle realistic financial dilemmas virtually.
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Topics covered in Banzai Teen

Risk Management
Auto Insurance
Renting a Place to Live
Checking Accounts
Income Tax
Double-Entry Budgeting
Credit Cards
Consumer Smarts

Banzai Teen Units

Guide students through complicated topics like credit cards, auto loans, insurance, and more.

A girl running a lemonade stand.
Grades 7-12 | English & Spanish

Life Scenarios

Start your high schoolers off on a race towards saving for their future & navigating life's unexpected challenges.
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A teenager exploring a financial themed skate park.
Grades 6-9 | English

Consumer Smarts

Teach kids how to take charge of a family budget for an entire month while cutting costs along the way.
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A street with shops and mountains in the background.
Grades 6-12 | English


Immerse your students in advanced banking concepts as they establish & operate their own in-school, financial institution.
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Banzai Teen Workbooks

Middle School Personal Finance Workbook

Order free printed workbooks that complement Banzai Teen. This workbook challenges students to think through financial scenarios centered on math and critical thinking.

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Weighing expense options represented by an unfolded wallet.

Realistic Financial Scenarios

Life is a tough tutor, and the “right” decision often isn't obvious: do you repair your old car when it breaks down, or do you buy a new one?

Vocabulary Practice

Invite students to study flashcards containing important financial terms.

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Meets State Curriculum Standards

Banzai courses fulfill your state's standards of learning (SOL) by covering a wide range of essential topics.

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Simplified Grading

Courses are automatically graded so you can spend more time teaching!

Hands-On Learning

Help students grow individually with a virtual world of decision-making.

Progress Monitoring

Progress tracking and clear decision trees monitor your students’ growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does this course take to complete?
    3-6 hours.
  • What student resources other than online courses does Banzai offer?
    A teacher toolkit is accessible after teachers create their free accounts. Within their toolkits, teachers have access to downloadable worksheets on topics including digital citizenship, financial literacy, college preparation, and soft skills. Workbooks are also available for classrooms that have little to no access to the internet.
  • Do Banzai courses change year to year?
    Banzai will periodically review the course to update and improve it, but the core principles taught in this course will not change.
  • Are all Banzai courses COPPA and FERPA compliant?
    Yes, Banzai complies fully with restrictions set by COPPA and FERPA—we don't store personal identification information such as a student's age, location, gender, or ethnicity. The limited data Banzai does collect is only used to deliver services and products or improve user experience and is never shared or distributed. Learn more by reading Banzai's Privacy Policy.

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