Career Field Quiz

Various people depicted working in different career fields.
Choosing a career can be hard and stressful! This quiz helps students narrow down the areas that align most with their goals and interests.
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Help Teens Plan a Career Path

Encourage teens to discover what career paths match their interests and hobbies before they graduate high school.

Career Field Quiz interface asking about career preferences.

Establishing Career Preferences

Guides students through establishing what work environments and employment situations they would prefer.

Career Field Quiz interface listing some of the most common majors in the arts.

Education Pathways

Outlines the most common education requirements and pathways that a student's applicable career fields require.

Career Field Quiz interface showing potential earnings based on career paths.


Provides examples of potential earnings students can anticipate based on the career paths they've shown interest in.

Career Field Quiz interface asking about ease of getting a job.

Career Opportunities

Helps students understand the factors that impact their future career opportunities—everything from education to location and more.

Simplified Grading

Courses are automatically graded so you can spend more time teaching!

Hands-On Learning

Help students grow individually with a virtual world of decision-making.

Progress Monitoring

Progress tracking and clear decision trees monitor your students’ growth.

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